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Exploring DHA Islamabad: Unveiling Your Perfect Opportunity


DHA Islamabad is an expansive housing project that is located at the junction of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Since the DHA Islamabad is divided into 6 phases and DHA Valley, it spreads over different parts of the city but in close vicinity. It is because of its ideal location and ultra-premium luxury that this amazing housing project is in high demand.


DHA Islamabad is a housing project located on the eastern side of the city. Most of the phases of DHA Islamabad come under the jurisdiction of Islamabad Zone-5 and in the territory of Rawalpindi.

All the phases of DHA Islamabad are located in a neighborhood marked with the best urban development and splendid housing projects. Some of the names include:

  • Bahria Town
  • Askari Housing
  • Zara Housing Society
  • Naval Anchorage
  • Emaar Canyon Views
  • River Garden
  • Army officers Colony


DHA ISLAMABAD RAWALPINDI – Unraveling the Phases of Excellence

After the resounding success of the first phase, DHA Islamabad embarked on a remarkable journey of expansion, giving rise to a series of visionary developments that have come to define the epitome of luxury living and prime investments.

Each phase of DHA Islamabad stands as a testament to meticulous planning, modern infrastructure, and a commitment to providing residents and investors with an exceptional living experience.

From the visionary development of Phase 1 to the latest advancements in Phase 5 and beyond, DHA Islamabad showcases a seamless blend of nature’s beauty and contemporary living. Each phase boasts a unique charm, offering a wide range of residential and commercial properties tailored to diverse preferences. Embrace the tranquility of lush green landscapes, state-of-the-art facilities, and a vibrant community that nurtures an inclusive and harmonious environment.

DHA Valley


DHA Islamabad Phase 1 is the most ideally located Phase of Defense Housing Islamabad. The first phase of DHA was launched in 1992. The main entrance is on G.T. Road near Fauji Foundation Hospital and Ayub National Park Rawalpindi. It is not only approved under the Presidential Ordinance 2005, but it is also an amazing location to reside in since the infrastructure is completely developed with a residential community and commercial areas. Currently, there are a total of 4,971 commercial and residential units.


DHA Islamabad Phase 1 is ideally located on the Main Grand Trunk (GT) Road and it is accessible from multiple locations including GT Road, Bahria Phase 7 Commercial, and Morgah Road via Askari Boulevard. However, the main entrance is from GT Road, next to Fauji Foundation Hospital. It is located in the southeast of Rawalpindi which makes it an ideal location to be accessed from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is because of the access points of DHA Islamabad Phase 1 that it is popular in the real estate market since it is convenient for both the Twin Cities.

Some of the major areas near are:

  • Fauji Foundation Hospital
  • Foundation University
  • Al-Shifa Eye Hospital
  • Ayub National Park
  • Joyland Rawalpindi
  • Soan River
  • Restaurants including McDonald’s, KFC (Bahria Food St)
  • Hypermarket
  • Sector F Commercial Area
  • Avicenna Medical Centre
  • Roots School
  • Grand Mosques
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Banks and fuel stations


DHA Phase 1 is a complete package with all the details that are catered for the residents. The facilities being offered in DHA Phase One are as follows:

  • Gated Community with 24/7 Security with Guards and CCTV Surveillance
  • All Local and Imported Brands are located in DHA Phase 1
  • Fine Dine Restaurants
  • Banks and retail shops
  • Cash & Carry
  • Hospitals and health clinics
  • Parks (Defence Park)
  • Playgrounds
  • Mosques in each Sector


DHA Islamabad Phase 2 is a commercial success among all the other DHA phases of Islamabad. It is developed at the crossroads of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, where at one end the Islamabad Expressway gives it access, and on the other side, G.T. Road borders it for many kilometers.


It is located ideally between Islamabad Expressway and Main GT Road. The access points of DHA Islamabad Phase 2 are located on these two major highways in the Twin Cities which makes it the most easily accessible property from the major roads of the twin cities.

You can easily commute from this phase to anywhere in Rawalpindi and Islamabad within minutes. DHA developers have given multiple entrance gates to DHA Islamabad Phase 2 alongside GT Road and Islamabad Expressway.

One can easily enter DHA Phase 2 from:

  • Tipu Boulevard Islamabad Expressway
  • Sir Syed Boulevard Islamabad
  • Expressway
  • Plaza Avenue Islamabad Expressway
  • Central Boulevard Gate 4 G.T. Road
  • Iqbal Boulevard G.T. Road
  • Chughtai Street G.T. Road
  • Jinnah Boulevard G.T. Road



DHA Islamabad Phase 2 is the epitome of luxury and all the projects in DHA Islamabad are of top-notch quality and all the international standards are maintained in the entire Phase.

The facilities offered in this phase are as follows:

  • Gated Community with Multiple
  • Checkpoints (Entry and Exit)
  • Askari Tower 1 and 2
  • Defense Residency (DHA Residencia)
  • Lignum Tower
  • Gold Crest
  • Zameen Ace Mall
  • Defense Executive
  • Central Park (McDonald’s, KFC, and multiple restaurants and retail stores)
  • Commercial Zone in each Block
  • Parks and Jogging Tracks
  • Jacaranda Club
  • JFC Cineplex
  • JFC Bowling Alley
  • Giga Mall – World Trade Center (A Project of Al-Ghurair Giga)
  • International Standard Schools including DHA-I School System
  • Mosques in Every Sector
  • Hospitals and Laboratories
  • 150ft Wide DHA Expressway
  • 130 ft Wide Main Roads
  • 40 ft wide streets (Minimum)


DHA Islamabad Phase 3, previously known as Serene City, was acquired by DHA Islamabad in 2016. A mega housing project which is developing over 3500 Kanals, would be home to 958 residential and commercial units with modern infrastructure including parks, schools, and healthcare facilities.


DHA Islamabad Phase 3 is ideally located near Zaraj Housing Society and Giga Mall with access from Main G.T. Road but it has multiple entry points which make it feasible for the neighboring areas to commute to the society. It is opposite DHA Phase II near the famous Giga Mall – World Trade Center which is one of the biggest malls in the Twin Cities.

It can be accessed from Bahria Town, Zaraj Town, and Main G.T. Road. You can enjoy the ideal location of DHA Islamabad Phase 3 as it is only minutes away from T-Chowk which leads to Islamabad Expressway and Rawat. The daily commute from Phase 3 to any location in Rawalpindi and Islamabad will be a breeze.



DHA Islamabad Administration has ensured that DHA Islamabad Phase 3 is equipped with all the facilities of a modern housing society.

The society is going to feature all of the below-mentioned facilities:

  • DHA Standard Security with Checkpoints on Each Entrance and Guard Surveillance
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • International Standard Educational Institutes
  • Healthcare units
  • Banks
  • Shopping Arena
  • Commercial Sector
  • Hotels & Fine Dine Restaurants
  • Cinema


DHA Islamabad Phase 4 is a new and developing phase of DHA Islamabad and it will be connecting with Phase 1 from one end and the Rawalpindi M-2 link on the other side. Launched in 2015 it has an area allocation of over 4000 Kanals.It is going to be equipped with all the modern amenities including health care centers, mosques, sewage treatment plants, and other utilities. It is a great new addition by the DHA Islamabad with residential and commercial plots for sale. DHA Phase IV also comes under the DHA Islamabad Act which is approved by the National Assembly of Pakistan. DHA administration has allotted possession of plots in Sectors A, B, and C in DHA Islamabad Phase 4.


DHA Phase IV is located alongside the Soan River and DHA Phase I Orchard Sector C. You can access it from Adyala Road or DHA Phase I. The road network connecting with Adyala Road will also lead to Motorway M-2. It is an ideal location for anyone who loves to live near nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It is because of its proximity to DHA Phase I that DHA Phase IV was able to gain traction in the real estate market. Moreover, it is a huge plan for development and sooner it will be connected with Adyala Road leading to Motorway M-2 as well. The location of DHA Phase IV makes it a great investment opportunity with increasing market value as the DHA has recently been awarded possession of three blocks. The residents will be able to enjoy and appreciate the hilly terrain of the DHA Phase IV with unique views from each block.


DHA Phase IV is located near DHA Phase I which means that the residents of DHA Phase IV can also enjoy the facilities available in DHA Phase I.

DHA Phase IV is equipped with all the modern amenities to cater to the needs of modern-day housing society residents.


  • Electricity Supply Contract with IESCO
  • Sewerage Management
  • Commercial Areas
  • Wide Roads and Streets
  • Waste Disposal System
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Telephone Exchange and Optic Fiber Broadband Connectivity
  • Sports Complex
  • Club House
  • Electric Grid Station
  • Mosque in Each Sector
  • Firefighting Station


DHA Islamabad Phase 5 is another milestone project of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Islamabad. It is an approved project developing in Zone-5 of Islamabad opposite DHA Phase II. The most important feature of DHA Phase V is its location with access from Islamabad Expressway. However, unlike DHA Phase II, the prices are lower and the infrastructure is equally developed. Similar to other phases of DHA, DHA Phase 5 of the Islamabad master plan has been beautifully designed along the Ling Stream and Sawan River. The area has come to the limelight with the development of Emaar Canyon Views, Rihah International Hospital, and CUST University in easy access.


The highlight of DHA Phase 5 Islamabad is its location. Phase 5 is developing close to the major landmarks of Islamabad. Similar to DHA Phase 2, Phase 5 is easily accessible from Islamabad Expressway, G.T. Road, and Kahuta Road.

DHA Phase 5 location is opposite DHA Phase 2 Islamabad.

  • 6 min away from T Chowk Islamabad
  • 20 min away from Koral Chowk Islamabad
  • 8 min away from CUST University Islamabad
  • 10 min away from Naval Anchorage Islamabad
  • 9 min away from Giga Mall


DHA Phase V is a comparatively newly designed and developing housing project of DHA Islamabad which means that all the modern amenities are going to come as standard in this housing society.

It is designed keeping in mind the location value and demands of a high-end residential area.

  • 24/7 Security (Gated Community)
  • Underground Electricity
  • Water Tanks Installation for 24/7 Running Water Supply
  • Mosques and community areas
  • Nearby Bus Stations on Islamabad Expressway
  • Retail Outlets
  • The Roots School (Emaar Campus)
  • All Bank Branches
  • Community Centers
  • Woods Walk Park
  • Blue Bird Park


DHA Islamabad Phase 6 is a redesigned DHA Phase II Ext that was planned previously but later the name was changed to DHA Phase VI in 2019. All the residential blocks of the DHA Phase VI were renamed according to a new project later on. DHA Phase 6 Islamabad has been designed by OJRM which is a Los Angles USA-based architectural designing firm. The master plan is spread over an area of 55,000 Kanals.

DHA Phase VI is now considered a new phase of DHA near Phase II. The redesigning of this phase includes Overseas Sector and DHA Valley. DHA Islamabad administration has been working on this project for a long time and they are building it to provide premium luxury to its residents. It is ideally designed to cater to all the modern-day housing problems and the entire map of the DHA Phase VI is logically laid out


DHA Phase VI is ideally located near T-Chowk and DHA Phase II which makes it closer to both Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

DHA Expressway leads to the Islamabad Expressway and DHA Phase II as well making DHA Phase VI an ideal location that can be accessed easily. DHA Phase 6 location is:


  • 7 min away from Islamabad Expressway
  • 13 min away from T Chowk Islamabad
  • 22 min away from Koral Chowk Islamabad
  • 11 min away from KAAK Bridge DHA Phase II Islamabad
  • 14 min away from Jacaranda Family Club DHA Phase II
  • 20 min away from Bahria Town


Infrastructure design by world-renowned firm OJRM and execution by DHA management and FWO, the facilities and features of DHA Phase six are at par with any other phase of DHA. DHA Phase VI is another great addition to DHA Islamabad and they are leaving no room for compromise on the luxury features of a modern-day housing society.

The facilities in DHA Phase VI are going to be premium and top-notch.

  • Gated Community
  • Access via DHA Expressway Connecting with Islamabad Expressway and DHA Phase V
  • Mosques in Each Sector
  • Sewerage, electricity, and water supply
  • Wide Roads and Streets (150ft Wide DHA Expressway)
  • Boundary wall and security installations
  • Underground Electricity Supply
  • Water Supply
  • International Standard Schools and Colleges
  • Health Facilities


DHA Valley Islamabad is a joint venture of DHA Islamabad, Bahria Town Islamabad, and Habib Rafiq (pvt) Limited. The society is meant to provide a luxurious living to average people by developing a secured gated community with parks, commercial shopping places, schools, mosques, hospitals and other utilities of life. Residential plots of 5 marla and 8 marla in each block were provided at a very low price for general public on 3 years installment plan. The project was launched in 2008 and thousands of plots (around 50,000) were allotted to the applicants of this project. Such a large number of allotments later proved to be one of the major blunders on part of Defence Housing Authority.


DHA Valley Islamabad is a housing project initiated by Defence Housing Authority in Islamabad just next to DHA Phase 2 Extension on Islamabad Highway. The society is connected with Islamabad Expressway through a six-lane DHA Expressway that covers all major phases of DHA Islamabad. The expressway is under construction at present and expected to be completed within a year or so.

DHA Valley Future

DHA Valley Islamabad seems to have a very bright future from this year onwards. The development work is in full swing and it is expected that the society will announce possession of Bluebell and Rose or Tulip Blocks this year. As soon as the possession is announced in any of the blocks, plot Prices will shoot up by 2 to 3 time as compared with the current prices which are the lowest in any of the DHA project and even less than any other society in that area.

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